Sunday, January 27, 2008


We have the titled pelvis and twist to the shoulders and upper arms but no posto to be standing or running upon. It's a four-legged term. Or a good name for a little Italian film.

I bought a box of markers last year and have been enjoying playing with them. My only problem is the color limitation. I'm sure there's some marker product on the market now that would allow me to blend colors better and get a bit more subtle but even with this limitation, they've been fun. Over the weekends, I am trying to vary the mediums each day so, here's a little marker portrait of Tallulah.

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laura said...

Cats are a theme throughout the blogosphere! I love the sinewy line, and your color choices. I have some water-soluable black markers that I have been wanting to try: once again, you provide the inspiration!


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