Sunday, January 6, 2008

This side of the hedge

This side of the hedge
pen & ink, 8.5 x 8"

After posting the pen & inks here on Friday and a drawing on Thursday at My Great Day, I had a flurry of emails from readers who were surprised to see that I draw. Of course I draw, I thought. I teach drawing. But how would they know? Or you, for that matter.

This magazine of blogs is really designed to show and sell my watercolor paintings so the plan was not to show drawings. But I've realized that although I know that it took me years to extricate myself from the pencil as a watercolor painter, you don't know that. So I'll post some drawings regularly, just for fun — both pencil and pen and ink. I will also write about using pencil and pen & ink as a painter someday soon on Landscape into Art. I hope you enjoy the drawings. Just for the record, I draw every day. It's important.

Thank you for viewing Suzanne McDermott's landscape art.

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