Friday, April 25, 2008


After a full day teaching a workshop at Cheekwood, I took a short walk through part of the gardens and made this pen and ink of one of the lovely dogwood trees in bloom. After feeding the felines and tending to the poor little opossum (who is still, barely, hanging in there), I brought this sketch out to the studio and in very dim light worked it up with water and some watercolors left in a plate from earlier this week.

Come listen to a wonderful song over at My Great Day where you can read my list of favorite films with children. At Landscape into Art I'm continuing to show paintings of my back yard from the past year and a half.

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Mineke Reinders said...

I love your sketches, Suzanne, this is wonderful! White flowers are my favorite, and this sketch has great gestural quality. Also love the fallen over birdbath and its story. I have a metal one, one of those impulse buys that didn't work. It's rusty and it can't hold water anymore, but still looks kind of charming now filled with flower petals from the magnolia tree.

Suzanne said...

Thank you, dear. I am just now reading about Iain Hamilton Finlay's Little Sparta and Derek Jarman's garden (your description of the rusted impulse buy reminds me of Derek Jarman's). I'll write a post about both of these gardens in a couple of weeks at My Great Day.


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