Monday, April 21, 2008

Down the west hedge

Although it mostly rained for three weeks, April 7th was a very nice day and I took advantage of the weather to get out and sketch. I didn't mind the rain too much because it's exactly what we're supposed to be seeing not to mention what we desperately need in middle Tennessee having been in an extraordinary drought over the past couple of years.

Anyway, the tippy tops of the trees were just starting to bud that day and the grass was beginning to get a bit long.

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Mineke Reinders said...

I love these sketches! They're so loose and free, yet graceful. What kind of pen(s) and paper do you use?

Suzanne said...

Hi Mineke! I'm glad you like the sketches -thanks for the kind remarks. I use a Lamy cartridge pen - have 3 of them but the fine or extra fine points are best for sketching as the nibs tend to be a bit wide. I use all sorts of paper for sketching and have too many sketch books going! I like the paper and the book that today's drawing is in. I think it's a Derwent book about 5 x 7 and has a suede like cover (which is a cat hair magnet). I picked it up at the National Stationery Show last year as a sample which is why I'm not so sure of the brand. I tend to not like the Canson paper much and definitely not the Moleskine sketchbooks though I love their watercolor paper journals..


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