Thursday, April 24, 2008

New plantings

Is there any way to make an eyesore beautiful? Only through art but I'm afraid this is not a good example of how to. The dilapidated air conditioners are fit into hacked out siding and the wire fence is worse for the mulberry stump collapse. Still, I felt compelled to make a very quick drawing of the new plantings. From left to right there's sweet broom (barely visible but I hear it grows fast and tall), what was a radiant red-tipped photinia still reeling from the shock of being transplanted and an elaeagnus. They all are fast growers so with luck and good tending this section of the yard should be looking much better in no time.

As for my sketch, well, I'll have to make a better one asap and post it just as quickly!

Come to think of it, see today's post of one of my yard paintings at Landscape into Art. I'll redeem myself.

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