Monday, June 16, 2008

Studio Garden

Today, I thought I'd try doing a sketch before getting distracted with all the busy work. I had some pages left in an abandoned moleskine sketchbook so grabbed that and started in on this section of the garden with my Lamy pen.

Parts of the garden were planted with mystery daylilies now showing themselves and I just wanted to look at these patches. The fluid ink on the slippery moleskine paper was not very satisfying so I added some water wash which seemed a bit too cool and valueless. Next, I added some dabs of watercolor but the ink bled into them. So I grabbed the markers but they bled the ink, too. Then I went in with pencil to see if I could work up the values better and finally hunted down my Crayola crayon box. What do you know? Crayon works on this slippery paper quite well. For example, the green of the door is made with marker and the terra cotta tiles with crayon.

What I intended to be a simple sketch turned out to be a complicated process. Although I'm not wild about the scribbled mess, lack of value and slants, it's just a sketch and what I made today.

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