Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunflower Patch

If you follow My Great Day, you might remember that I lost a large mulberry stump and an 80' Hackberry tree this past year. In April, I planted some sweet broom, red-tipped photinia and elaegnus along the naked space. A neighbor up the street gave me extra sunflower seedlings that I planted along the wire space. Here you can see that they've shot up mightily, banked by another hefty patch of pokeberry and fronted by some volunteer squash from the compost pile I moved to make way for the new shrubs. So far, one of the squash vines has produced what looks like a decorative gourd and the large leaved squash at the bottom of the drawing might bring forth pumpkins. Time will tell.

These sunflowers are a great joy to look at as I sit outside the studio on breaks.

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