Friday, October 24, 2008


One of my drawing students loves to draw dogs (she lives with six of them) and aspires to write a children's book. This morning, I set up two still lifes with bears. One, a polar bear propped on an ancient bottle of Canada Dry ginger ale, the other a couple of brown teddy bears. We concentrated on large, charcoal drawing on 18" x 24" sheets to loosen up the drawing limbs and gain a bit different perspective. These are two demo sketches of mine made in a minute each on ratty newsprint to illustrate an approach.

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Leena said...

Good Wednesday morning, Suzanne!
I hope, Obama is a right choice also to you!
But I believe in person, that he can not either change suddenly everything, what has gone wrong in the world. People are perhaps too optimistic everywhere like children before Christmas.
I like very much your drawings in this blog. Your hands are so skillful!
Have a nice day Suzanne!

Werner said...

I like the kind of "mimetism" of this drawing: The eyes of the bear look "like dots of charcoal" but they ARE dot of charcoal...
hope it doesn't sound too stupid - but these are the most exciting moments of drawing: I can imagine that if you see the original bear and the drawing side by side, you might as well think that the bear was made AFTER the drawing - with tiny little eyes as if they were dots in a drawing.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Leena. I'm always glad when you come by!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Werner - you never sound stupid! And I'm always happy to find your comments. Really glad you like my bears - I like them, too! That's a very astute - and poetic - remark about the charcoal marks for eyes.

I've started yet another basic drawing class and have promised my students that I'll draw along with them every day, as I instruct them to do. I'll start posting what usually turn out to be incomplete drawings here.

Caren said...

Suzanne, I tend to focus on your watercolor blog and I have overlooked this one. I love your bear sketches!

I have done lots of bear still life in the past, it makes me want to dig some up and post them on my blog!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thanks, Caren. Yes.. these little bears have been popular and were loads of fun to do. In fact, my drawing student insisted on walking off with one of them!


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