Monday, October 13, 2008

Walnut Tops

There really are some leaves still dangling from these walnut trees, but not many. Mostly nuts. And when they fall, they fall without warning and have a cascade effect on each other. There's one tree dropping in my yard. If one walnut hit Tallulah, it might kill her. Gosh, if one fell on my head, I'd be knocked out. Neighbor discovered in yard after being knocked unconscious by a walnut. But I digress...

I (obviously) edited the remaining leaves for this little line drawing.

Say, does anyone remember seeing an early Dick van Dyke show episode with Danny Thomas as a guest star? Danny Thomas was really an alien from another planet where all the inhabitants looked like walnuts. At the end of what turned out to be a dream, Dick van Dyke opened the coat closet door and Danny Thomas fell out with a ton of walnuts spilling out of the closet, over Dick van Dyke, into the foyer. Unforgettable. What did those writers have for lunch that day?

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