Friday, December 12, 2008

from the Mansion

For the last class of the session (and the year), I brought the class into the Cheek Mansion to either copy a painting or drawing, or make a vignette of one of the rooms. In between checking on each in their various locations, I looked out the window and made a pencil sketch of the view over the Frist Learning Center and installation wing. Unfinished, I doodled with it at home with watercolor pencils and ink while talking on the phone. I really thought I'd ruined it but scanned and posted here, it doesn't look so bad....


Josemari Larranaga ACUARELAS said...

He visitado este blog y me han gustado mucho sus dibujos.

Annelein said...

Loved the pomegranate sketch...thanks for commenting on my blog. Enjoyed reading and seeing the pix of your studio construction! Reminded me of my own studio project 8 years ago!


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