Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rescued Bird

After the workshop on Saturday, I drove up to Morro Bay for a walk on the beach north of Atascadero. Almost immediately, I spotted a stranded bird at the water's edge. Two young veterinarians had been watching the bird from the dunes for over an hour, watching it exhaust itself flapping it's wings with no results. As I leaned over the bird, I smelled a strong odor of oil and noticed that it's left wing and under-down were covered in oil.

I lifted the bird in a towel the young vets had given me and began walking, looking for help from someone. Eventually, I learned that there was a campground some ways up the beach and worked my way up there to the host who called his dispatcher who called a State Park Ranger who eventually came by in his pick up truck. The Ranger had a crate for the bird in the back of his truck and had called the local wildlife rescue organization who had a staff member waiting at the facility two minutes away.

A happy ending because all the bird needed was a wash and a rest. I did a slow burn about the young veterinarians who made no attempt to help the bird and thought of reporting them to their employers but time passed. But now that I've written this, I was prompted to pick up the phone to do so. Which I did. Now I can put the matter to rest with hopes that the bird is in flight again.

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