Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Office Building at Sunnyside

Office Building
12th Avenue South and Kirkland Ave.

I have been madly cranking out drawings of buildings in the 12 South Neighborhood over the past couple of days as promo for the first Big Draw Nashville. The idea was to get neighborhood artists and Frothy employees to pitch in. The reality is that John Newman at Frothy made one great drawing, I have the two boys next door making last minute pencil sketches and it looks like it'll be a mostly Suzanne McDermott mini drawing exhibit for 10 days.

So, anyway, while trying to work up different styles and mediums, I really got tired of signing my name because this is not all about me. I signed my late mother's maiden name to the above because it's her birthday. I like it. It's a little Gahan Wilson-ish.

More to come.

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